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From the historical knitwear company Annapurna, on the market for over 40 years, the homonimous brand, embraces the liveliness and the desire to live the fashion of a young woman who is deeply protagonist of her time.

The Annapurna collection is fashionable, cheerful, follows trends but reinterprets them in knitwear, because it never betrays its background while giving it a totally personalized expression.


Skilful inlays, jacquard, and stitches are played in the "day" version, a continuous study of different yarn combinations to present an innovative and unconventional knitwear.


It starts with the best cashmere, the company's core business, to indulge in experimentation and reinterpretations that escape the classic canons, without ever decreasing its value. 


Extreme volumes characterize the collection from "cropped and tiny" to "oversized chunky", and pure and saturated colors emphasize unconventional outfits.


  • circular business model top score

  • water recycling of the steam production cycle

  • Low intensity of waste generated vs excellent level of textile waste sent for upcycling

  • high percentage of renewable energy used


  • Respect and welfare are our priorities

  • No gender gap

  • High percentage of women employed on permanent contracts with significant benefits

  • Average seniority over 11 years

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