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Established in 1978, Annapurna S.p.A. has become one of Italy’s — and the world’s — leading manufacturers of high quality cashmere knitwear with the labels Annapurna and Aida Barni. Annapurna utilizes all sorts of machinery available on the market, form the cotton looms till the latest and most advanced knitwear machinery on every gauge. The production capacity it’s around 120,000 pieces per year. All the production cycle is made in Italy, most precisely in the company plant of Prato.

Annapurna is a name that evokes extraordinary landscapes and in particular, a mountain in the Himalayas where goats grow their thick protective fleece hiding the soft, warm “duvet” that has made them so famous. Moreover, one of the few peaks over 26,000 feet to have been conquered by an all-women expedition, as Aida Barni, president of the company delights in relating. An imaginative and fascinating name for a company that produces high quality knitwear made of the finest cashmere. A name of promise then, a symbol of a target to achieve for a woman who decided to enter the business world at the end of the seventies at the top of a difficult sector of the market.
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