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Aida Barni, homonymous brand of the founder of the company Annapurna.


Born as an independent soul, expression of a way of living and being, essence of understated chic, whispered luxury.

A collection for men and women dedicated to those who love timeless garments that enclose in the preciousness of materials, shapes and details a timeless elegance.


The Man Aida Barni does not follow trends, but interprets them in everyday life. His wardrobe is made of iconic garments of sentimental value, evoking a "savoir vivre" healthy and environmentally friendly. 

He loves natural and fine yarns, he loves comfort, but does not renounce the elegance of shapes. 

His concept of "sportswear" is simple in style, but rich in materials and imperceptible details that make his garments an expression of uniqueness and class.


 Cashmere worked in the English style, compact and durable, the finest merinos, cotton, linen, woven to become like a fabric are the accomplices of a natural and conscious elegance. 



Aida Barni, homonymous brand of the founder of the Annapurna company, it was born as an indipendent soul, expression of a way of living and being, the essence of chic understatement, of whispered luxury.

A collection for men and women dedicated to those who love timeless garments that enclose

timeless elegance in the preciousness of materials, volumes, and details.


Knitwear is a ductile and fluid element for Aida Barni, everything can be achieved through

experience and technic: almost tailored outerwear, travel and leisure trousers, "cocoon"dresses or sweaters gently hugging the silhouettes, and accessories.


The softest cashmere, the thinnest merinos, silk, mohair, alpaca, are the materials of the collections, natural and precious, to create a total look in knit, sophisticated and comfortable.

The search for new finishing, stitches, prints and processes is tireless and remains the key feature of this collection.

The attention to individual details and the very high quality of the materials make the garments unique and unchanged over the years.

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From the historical knitwear company Annapurna, on the market for over 40 years, the homonimous brand, embraces the liveliness and the desire to live the fashion of a young woman who is deeply protagonist of her time.

The Annapurna collection is fashionable, cheerful, follows trends but reinterprets them in knitwear, because it never betrays its background while giving it a totally personalized expression.


Skilful inlays, jacquard, and stitches are played in the "day" version, a continuous study of different yarn combinations to present an innovative and unconventional knitwear.


It starts with the best cashmere, the company's core business, to indulge in experimentation and reinterpretations that escape the classic canons, without ever decreasing its value. 


Extreme volumes characterize the collection from "cropped and tiny" to "oversized chunky", and pure and saturated colors emphasize unconventional outfits.

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black label


black label


The freshness of Annapurna turns into sophistication in the Blacklabel version.

The "dark side" of the collection each season offers an evening wardrobe, brightened by lurex, and rich in silk lace and embroidery.

The evening image of a contemporary woman able to catalyze the attention on herself, aware of her charm and her body, enhanced by wrapping knits.


Fluidity and wonderful multi-colored pleats are created with shiny yarns combined with matte ones. Skilful knots and swirls play with the transparencies of mesh in stylish gowns. Wide long skirts sway in step and delicate back  slits  sweeten goodbyes.

Elastic and compact knitwear becomes Milano stitch for wonderful couture constructions in structured dresses, and  tuxedo jackets to match with skirts or formal pants are always included in the collection.

The most intriguing evening are the natural environment for Annapurna BlackLabel.

  • Instagram - Black Circle
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